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This image of mouse skin was taken with a Carl Zeiss LSM710 confocal microscope. Fluorescent antibodies were used to label structural features of the skin, highlighting the complexity of this organ's architecture. Cell nuclei are shown in blue, while Laminin in orange and Podoplanin in red outline the tissue's vasculature and fibroblast network, and ER-TR7 (green) delineates the basement membrane which separates epidermis and dermis. Image taken by Dr Ali Zaid (Mueller/Heath lab).

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Current News

  • Department's 2014 NHMRC Project Grant success rate was 40%: national average 16%. Congratulations to all those involved. For more details.
  • Our congratulations to Sacha Pidot, Sidonia Eckle, Jaclyn Pearson, Paul Whitney, Geraldine O'Connor and Bridie Clemens who have been awarded University of Melbourne Early Career Research Grants
  • Our congratulations to Sergio Quinones Parra (Kedzierska Lab) who was winner of the 2014 QIAGEN award and to Margaret Lam (Stinear Lab) who was the runner up. For more details.


  • Monday 27 October 4.00 - 6.00 pm - Special Research Seminar
    Dr Seth Berkley
    Chief Executive Officer of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
    "Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance: health and sustainable development 2015 and beyond"

  • Tuesday 28 October - Research Seminar
    Dr Feng Shao
    National Institute Biological Sciences Beijing
    "Cytosolic sensing of bacteria and bacterial virulence"
    Host: Professor Liz Hartland

  • Thursday 30 October - Special Research Seminar
    Dr Florent Ginhoux
    Singapore Imunology Network, A*STAR, Singapore
    "Macrophage and Dendritic Cell Ontogeny"
    Host: Sammy Bedoui

  • Friday 31 October 4.00pm - PhD Completion Seminar
    Uma Devi
    (Locarnini Lab - VIDRL)
    "Hepatitis B Genotypic Variation: Implications for the Global Immunisation Programme"