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This image of mouse skin was taken with a Carl Zeiss LSM710 confocal microscope. Fluorescent antibodies were used to label structural features of the skin, highlighting the complexity of this organ's architecture. Cell nuclei are shown in blue, while Laminin in orange and Podoplanin in red outline the tissue's vasculature and fibroblast network, and ER-TR7 (green) delineates the basement membrane which separates epidermis and dermis. Image taken by Dr Ali Zaid (Mueller/Heath lab).

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Current News

  • Our congratulations to Adam Ulrich of the Godfrey Laboratory who is the recipient of an ARC Future Fellowship. Overall, UoM has been awarded the largest share of ARC Future Fellowships funding with over $17 million being allocated to support 22 outstanding researchers. Well done Adam.
    See MUSSE for more information.


  • Friday 19 September 3.15pm - MPhil Completion Seminar
    Acep Riza Wijayadikusumah
    (Jackson Lab)
    "The influence of structure and amino acid composition on the immunogenic properties of charged Pam2Cys-based vaccine delivery lipopeptides"

  • Tuesday 23 September 12.30pm - Research Seminar
    Professor Paul Fisher
    Head of Department of Microbiology, Latrobe Univeristy
    Host: Professor Roy Robins-Browne